Current Projects

California Technical Forum (California): The California Technical Forum (Cal TF) is a collaborative of over 30 subject matter technical experts who provide objective and independent review of new and updated energy efficiency measures for California's energy efficiency portfolio. For over five years, Future Energy Enterprises has served as independent facilitator of the Cal TF. In addition to designing and launching the initiative, Future Energy Enterprises provides staff who conduct technical analyses and policy research to support the Cal TF mission. 

Income Qualified Energy Efficiency Advisory Committees (Illinois): Future Energy Enterprises is the facilitator of two Income Qualified Advisory Committees (North and South), comprised of Illinois utilities that offer income qualified energy efficiency programs, all Illinois implementers serving income qualified customers, all Illinois Community Action Agencies, and other Illinois community-based organizations and advocacy groups. The Income Qualified Advisory Committees focus on integration and optimization of all energy efficiency programs that serve income qualified customers, with an emphasis on economic development and empowerment through clean energy funding for economically disadvantaged communities and greater diversity in the clean energy workforce

Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) NextGrid Study: Future Energy Enterprises is a Senior Consultant to the ICC for the NextGrid Utility of the Future Study in 2018. In this capacity we advise on key questions, issues and conduct background research and work with facilitators. The Final Report of this engagement will cover multiple topics related to modernizing the grid in Illinois, including integrating distributed resources (both residential solar and community solar as well as other demand-side resources such as energy efficiency and demand response), and ensuring all benefits of grid modernization (services/offerings, jobs and economic development) flow equally to income qualified communities while minimizing costs to communities who are least able to bear them.

Past Projects

Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group (Illinois): Served as independent facilitator of the Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) for 10 years. SAG  participants include ratepayer, consumer and environmental advocates, Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) Staff, program implementers, utilities, evaluators and others. The SAG was established by the ICC to review and strengthen the Illinois energy efficiency programs and portfolios, and to develop and update a Technical Reference Manual containing common measure input values.

Wisconsin Focus on Energy Portfolio (Madison, WI): Responsible for the procurement, planning, and contract negotiation for the Wisconsin Focus on Energy statewide energy efficiency and renewable energy portfolio; served as strategic advisor for optimizing the Focus on Energy program and portfolio design. 

Peoples Gas/North Shore Gas (Chicago, IL): Future Energy Enterprises administered the gas energy efficiency program portfolio with an annual budget of $7.5 million. Core responsibilities included management of the Governance Board, procurement of Program Administrators, and to provide technical advice and counsel on portfolio and program design, administration, implementation, and contract management.

Southern California Edison Company (Irwindale, CA): Negotiated over $200 million in energy efficiency program contracts for all market segments and all customer classes to improve program cost-effectieness and increase program performance.  The negotiations resulted in pay-for-performance contracts ($/kWh) and achieved cost savings of over $4 million dollars.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (San Francisco, CA): Prepared regulatory testimony on policies and strategies for integrating energy efficiency and demand-response programs. Developed Policies and Procedures Manuals for PG&E’s nine demand response programs. Each manual provided program managers with an easy-to-use desk reference for effective program management and included best practices for program operations, quality assurance/quality control, risk management, and continuous improvement.

The Climate Group and WWF (Hong Kong, China): Prepared position paper and provided advice and counsel on legal, regulatory and programmatic strategies needed to implement energy efficiency in Hong Kong.