About Us

Future Energy Enterprises is a majority woman-owned  business with experience with all aspects of energy efficiency program design and administration for business, commercial, industrial, public sector and residential customers. 

Utilities, businesses and others are challenged to meet their energy needs cost-effectively and cleanly due to shifting energy costs, changes in energy supply resource mix, localized capacity constraints, technological advances, as well as overarching climate change policies. Traditional energy supply resources, such as coal-fired generation facilities, produce emissions linked to global climate change and are increasingly costly to construct. Energy efficiency is now recognized as a cost-effective alternative to meet energy needs without the climate change impacts produced by carbon-based generation resources.

Future Energy Enterprises develops and supports programs to ensure program administrators achieve their goals with cost-effective and clean energy resources, including energy efficiency, conservation, demand response, and renewable energy. Clean energy resources can reduce costs, increase customer and employee satisfaction, and significantly reduce climate change impacts from energy use.

Future Energy Enterprises does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), marital status, disability or sexual orientation.

Company Values

Be Respectful /Kind:  Treat others as you’d like to be treated. Thoughtfully consider others’ feedback before responding.

Be Excellent:  Be your best; collectively we set a high bar for our industry and peers.  Pay attention to detail.

Be Impactful: Develop a plan to make a difference; collectively, we set new directions.

Be Engaged:  Be passionate about our work and goals.

Be Bold/Courageous: Treat barriers as opportunities; seek to drive progress (with finesse) 

Be Growing:  Embrace learning and seek opportunities to grow your knowledge and skills    

Be a Leader:  Recognize that the shadow you cast influences those around you.

Be Inclusive: Recognize that the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts. We all have different strengths, stop and think about that as you approach your work.

Facilitate and Administer Collaboratives

Leads stakeholder advisory groups for energy efficiency and demand response portfolios to address and achieve consensus on policy and technical issues.

Leads advisory committees that serve niche markets, such as community-based organizations and income qualified customers.

Portfolio and Program Design

Provides strategic support for portfolio design and optimization targeting residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural market sectors to meet baseload energy needs.

Develops energy efficiency program strategies for all market sectors to address local and regional capacity constraints. 

Conducts research and analysis of specific technologies, markets, intervention strategies, incentive structures, etc. to optimize program offering measure mix and ensure programs conform to industry best practices.

Work with local governments, schools, non-profits, and others to design tailored strategies for the public sector that recognize unique strengths and funding challenges faced by these entities.

Solicitation and Contract Management

Administers solicitations to identify innovative, “turn-key” energy efficiency programs to reduce energy use and demand. Our team has experience with all market segments (commercial, industrial, and residential, including low-income), and delivery channels (downstream, midstream, upstream).  

Regulatory Support

Serves as an expert witness before regulatory commissions as well as preparing testimony, pleadings and filings, data requests, and comments on proposed decisions. 

Provides legislative support, including white papers, policy analysis, presentations, and commenting on proposed legislation, for various matters relating to energy efficiency initiatives.

Conducts risk analysis to assess and manage business, legal, and regulatory risk posed by energy efficiency program portfolio.