Future Energy Enterprises has many years of experience managing all aspects of energy efficiency program design and implementation for business, commercial, industrial, public sector and residential customers.  Project examples are listed below.


Select Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Demand Response Projects


  1. Wisconsin Focus On Energy Portfolio (Madison, WI) — Responsible for procurement, planning and contract negotiation for Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy energy efficiency and renewable energy portfolio.  Strategic advisor for optimizing Focus on Energy’s program and portfolio design. 


  1.  Peoples Gas/North Shore Gas (Chicago, IL) — Administrator of gas energy efficiency program portfolio with annual budget of $7.5 million.  Responsibilities include managing Governance Board, hiring Program Administrators, providing technical advice and counsel on portfolio and program design, administration, implementation, and managing contracts.


  3. Southern California Edison Company (Irwindale, CA) — Negotiated over $200 million in energy efficiency program contracts for all market segments and all customer classes to improve program costs and increase program performance.  The negotiations resulted in pay-for-performance contracts ($/kWh) and achieved cost savings of over $4 million dollars.


  1. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (San Francisco, CA) — Prepared regulatory testimony on policies and strategies for integrating energy efficiency and demand-response programs. Developed Policies and Procedures Manuals for PG&E’s nine demand response programs. Each manual provided program managers a easy-to-use desk reference for effective management of their programs and incorporated best practices for program operations, quality assurance/quality control, risk management, and continuous improvement.


  1. Illinois Community Clean Energy Foundation (Chicago, IL) — Independent facilitator of Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) comprised of ratepayer and environmental advocates, commerce commission staff and lawyers, program implementers and utilities. The SAG advises Energy Efficiency/Demand Response program administrators on portfolio design, administration, implementation and evaluation.


  1. The Climate Group and WWF (Hong Kong, China) — Prepared position paper and provided advice and counsel on legal, regulatory and programmatic strategies needed to implement energy efficiency in Hong Kong.


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Energy Efficiency Program Design and Implementation for Utilities and Businesses


Baseload Energy Efficiency (EE) Programs


  1. Designed and managed energy efficiency program delivery targeting residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural market sectors to meet baseload energy needs.


  1. Result: Effectively managed annual budget that averaged over $200 million. Programs were delivered on time and achieved energy savings averaging approximately 350 GWh, 100 MW of capacity reduction year.  Shareholder earnings exceeded $200 million for energy savings verified through measurement and evaluation studies.


EE Programs to Address the California Energy Crisis (April — December, 2001)


  1. Developed and delivered new energy efficiency programs during the California Energy Crisis to all market sectors to address statewide capacity issues and avert the need to initiate the Electrical Emergency Plan (rolling blackouts).


  1. Result: Delivered 200 MW in capacity reduction by end of year (an increase of 220% over the previous year). 


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Energy Efficiency Program Solicitations through Competitive Bidding


Rapid Response Bid to Meet Energy Shortages


  1. In the summer of 2001, California faced electricity shortages and rolling black-outs.  As part of a comprehensive set of measures to address energy needs, led a solicitation to identify new energy efficiency programs to reduce energy demand.


Result: Twelve new “turn-key” energy efficiency programs launched in three month period which reduced energy demand to help meet California’s 2001 energy crisis.


Bids for “Turn Key” Energy Efficiency Programs


  1. Led a series of competitive bids for “turn-key” energy efficiency programs to be implemented during 2006 – 2008 targeting all market segments, including business, commercial, industrial and residential customers. 


Result: The solicitations, with budget of $153 million dollars, resulted in forty-nine (49) new programs from thirty-one (31) vendors. The resulting programs reduced overall energy efficiency portfolio costs from 3.5 cents per kWh to 3.1 cents per kWh.  In addition, the energy efficiency programs selected were less expensive than traditional generation alternatives.


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Contract Process Improvement for Contracts to Support Utility Energy Efficiency Programs


  1. Several elements of utility-designed and implemented programs are performed by contractors.  Implemented process improvement to improve speed, quality and employee/contractor satisfaction with contract process.


Result: Process improvement impacting over $100 million of annual spend reduced contracting time by more than half while increasing contract quality, employee and contractor satisfaction.


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For Local Governments, Schools, Non-Profits and Others


Experience working with local governments, schools, non-profits and others to design tailored strategies for the public sector that recognize unique strengths and funding challenges faced by these entities. Services include:


  1. Energy efficiency program design

  2.  Marketing assistance

  3.  Staff training

  4.  Integration of programs with other delivery channels (programs implemented by utilities and contractors)


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Regulatory and Legislative Services


Regulatory — Expertise representing utility as attorney and expert witness before the California Public Utilities Commission on various energy efficiency and low-emission vehicle matters, including testimony preparation and witnessing, drafting pleadings and filings, data requests and responses, and commenting on proposed decisions.


Legislative — Legislative support, including white papers, policy analysis, presentations, commenting on proposed legislation, for various matters relating to energy efficiency in California and China.


Risk Management Services


Provided risk management analysis to assess and manage business, legal, and regulatory risk posed by energy efficiency program portfolio.


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