With increasing electricity costs and climate change concerns, utilities, businesses and others are challenged to meet electricity needs cost-effectively and cleanly.   Traditional electricity generation resources, such as coal-fired generation facilities, produce emissions linked to global climate change and are increasingly costly to construct.  Energy Efficiency is now recognized as a cost-effective alternative to meeting electricity needs without the climate change impacts produced by traditional generation resources.

Future Energy Enterprises, LLC works to develop and support programs to meet electricity needs with cost-effective, clean new energy resources, including energy efficiency, conservation, demand response and renewable energy. 

The new energy resources can reduce costs, increase customer and employee satisfaction and significantly reduce climate change impacts from electricity use.

Our services include:

  1. For Utilities

  2. · Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Portfolio and Program Design, Planning, and Administration

  3. · Energy Efficiency Program Solicitations through a Competitive Bidding Process 


  5. Others

  6. · Regulatory Support Services

  7. · Services for Local Governments, Schools, Non-Profits and Others

  8. · Organizing and Administering Collaboratives


Future Energy Enterprises is a majority woman-owned business.

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